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Find out what sets New World Webtech apart

We understand that undertaking a new digital marketing initiative may seem daunting and that choosing the best firm for the job can be difficult. Fear not, prospective client! Here are the key reasons why New World Webtech is the right digital marketing firm for you.

A Full-Service Firm

We are a full-service consulting and design firm offering a complete set of digital marketing solutions. If your company is interested in updating its branding elements, building a robust new website, establishing a social media presence, developing advertisements, or securing affordable web hosting, we can do all of that and more.

Collaborative Efforts

Our projects are dynamic collaborations with our clients, who are active directors of their digital marketing futures. A client’s initial input and continuous feedback is essential to the process. Early on, there will be several meetings during which we will evaluate your company’s current solutions, establish a rapport, determine your goals, and jointly devise the strategies best-suited to achieve your objectives. Later, there will be a healthy exchange of design mockups and revision feedback. Transparency is key; we want our clients to feel informed and in-control. Find out more about how we operate.

Innovative Style, Proven Success

We combine the style and ingenuity of a design studio with the results-driven methodology of a consulting firm. New World Webtech is a company brimming with inventiveness and creativity, and we are resourceful at devising flexible solutions for our clients that suit their requirements and budget. Our success is driven by results; we measure the success of each project with proven metrics, demonstrating to our clients how each of their goals has been met.

Personal Connections

Our clients enjoy a working relationship with founders Alexandre Petraglia and Michael Catania, who manage and administer every arm of New World Webtech operations. Both Alex and Mike are especially savvy at client communication; they are present in all client meetings and are always willing to field questions and concerns. We often say they take point on every project. They are even writing this sentence right now.