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While no two projects are exactly alike, our proven process is the framework we follow for an effective and efficient project life cycle. Clients that choose to take this journey with us aren’t just along for the ride — they are active participants in the process of charting their digital marketing futures.

Here are the four key stages involved in a new initiative:


Learning everything we need to know about our new client, their target market, and their vision for success.

Determine Client Objectives and Goals

You have aspirations for your business. We work closely with you to refine those objectives and ascribe to each a series of tangible, manageable goals that will be fulfilled over the course of the project’s life cycle.

Evaluate Existing Sites and Solutions

Oftentimes, clients will already have a website, social media presence or marketing strategy in place prior to our collaboration. We evaluate these existing resources and determine whether it’s best to build from that foundation, or to start anew.

Establish Project Scope and Vision

With your direct feedback, we detail the scope of the venture and establish the overall vision going forward.

Conduct Additional Market Research

For those initiatives that require additional data on select markets or sectors, we conduct both primary and secondary research. This can be a critically important step for initially determining how to best help your business stand out among the pack.


Brainstorming solutions to current challenges, considering promotional avenues, and creating our earliest project documentation.

Formulate Project Recommendations and Strategies

Armed with an understanding of your objectives, your marketplace, and your competition, we begin the ‘Design’ stage by forming our recommendations. We explore all possible opportunities, platforms and methodologies in order to determine which strategies will yield the greatest benefit.

Conceptualize Branding Directions and Promotional Opportunities

To be successful in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace, you need to build a brand around your business that effectively communicates how you’re better than the rest. Every client comes to us with a unique story. It’s up to us to shape that story into a unique value proposition — one that accurately represents your business and fully articulates your distinct strengths. We then determine what promotional avenues are worth investment.

Create Initial Proposal, Budget and Timeline for Client Approval

We craft client proposals with creative, strategic solutions that target your audience and overcome traditional marketing shortcomings. We include our recommendations, a detailed budget, and a general timeline for the project — all in a format that’s readable, dynamic, and easy to understand.

Chart Our Flight Plan

Our ‘flight plan’ includes identifying the necessary resources and deliverables that both New World Webtech and our clients will be responsible for as the project advances. Our collaboration and project management systems keep you updated on how work is progressing and provide milestones that mark the way forward.


Building prototypes and early designs, producing content, and developing websites and pages.

Build Mockups, Wireframes and Design Samples

We develop websites that communicate your unique message, build interfaces that are responsive and intuitive, and design ads that are eye-catching and engaging. That all begins during this phase, where we begin to create the unique look and layout of your project. Where appropriate, we can even create interactive prototypes that capture the experience of using your new site or page.

Produce Copy and Content

With your input, we create compelling content and write cogent copy that’s fundamental to the functionality of your project, whether it’s in the form of text, audio, images, video, or a combination thereof.

Code Websites and Pages

Our approach to web development brings a focus on innovation and pixel-perfect attention to detail. With our designs approved, we now write code that brings your new creation to life.


Rolling out a new campaign, providing ongoing support and updates, sustaining momentum, and evaluating success.

Launch Campaign, Channel or Platform

With ‘Development’ completed successfully and all work approved, it’s time for the world to engage with your new creation. The debut of a new online initiative is always an exciting time for clients. Our focus during this stage is to provide a smooth and stable launch, responding rapidly to any issues that may arise.

Manage Promotional Advertising Campaigns

The beauty of online advertising campaigns is that they offer a level of flexibility, control, and competitiveness that other promotional methods can’t touch. But that’s only the case if they are consistently monitored and managed. Keyword development and bid management are integral to this process, and we work daily over the course of the campaign to ensure that promotional methods are performing optimally.

Provide Ongoing Support, Content and Adaptation

Takeoff is only the beginning of this journey: providing content and software updates, supporting existing systems, and developing strategies for retaining an audience are all paramount to your success. We create affordable and sustainable solutions for an ever-changing competitive landscape.

Conduct Project Evaluation and Analysis

Not only do we define strategies and formulate solutions previously during the ‘Design’ stage, but we also determine the metrics for evaluating the relative success of the project. During the ‘Deployment’ stage, we examine how well we met our success criteria and actualized our goals. What’s more, we analyze what specific aspects of the initiative were most effective, and how best to carry that new understanding forward for future business advantage.