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Alexandre J. Petraglia
Alexandre J. Petraglia
co-founder & president

Alex is a man of many talents, including his uncanny capacity for juggling the many different functions of our firm, as well as his ability to actually juggle.

Experienced in web design, development, and information technology, Alex is the technical director of New World Webtech. This does not, however, pigeonhole him as an average computer geek: his greatest strength is his talent for communicating with clients.

Alex is a graduate of Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business, where he earned a BBA in Information Technology. He spends his free time staying in shape and cooking up a storm.

Email Alex: alexp@newworldwebtech.com

Michael J. Catania
Michael J. Catania
co-founder & vice-president

With a meticulous attention to detail and an unrivaled ability to manage multiple projects concurrently, Mike spends his time making sure New World Webtech’s clients are fully-satisfied with the work that’s being performed for them. His strong organizational skills keep the whole firm running on-schedule.

Beyond that, Mike puts his creative stamp on every project in some way, contributing to the areas of copywriting, photography, and graphics. He’s got a keen eye for compelling and communicative design.

Mike graduated from NYU’s College of Arts & Sciences with a double-major in Journalism and History. His secret talent is dreaming up terrible Batman villains.

Email Mike: mikec@newworldwebtech.com