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No matter what type of business you are engaged in, New World Webtech offers strategies and solutions that will enable your company to accomplish its organizational and marketing goals

For Law Firms

  • UPDATE your firm’s website to highlight your areas of legal expertise
  • ATTRACT prospects to your site with engaging, highly-targeted online advertisements
  • LAUNCH a cohesive social media footprint on Facebook and Twitter
  • MANAGE your online presence on legal referral websites (Avvo, Justia, Nolo)
  • SIMPLIFY your in-office information technology solutions

For Small Businesses

  • CONSTRUCT an official website that communicates your unique advantage
  • DEVELOP a branding solution that distills the essence of your business
  • EXPAND your reach by capitalizing on social media promotion
  • ESTABLISH an e-commerce platform that brings your product to an online marketplace
  • SECURE your business’s most critical files with a custom backup solution

For Creative Studios and Agencies

  • PRODUCE an online portfolio that attracts and engages an audience
  • IMPLEMENT an easy-to-use content management system that publishes videos and photos to the web
  • ATTRACT hordes of fans to your productions with the power of social networks
  • PUBLICIZE your latest work with e-mail newsletters
  • STREAMLINE your workflow with custom production services

For Restaurants and Retailers

  • ADVERTISE sales and promotions with custom-designed e-mail newsletters
  • PRODUCE short web videos highlighting your location’s atmosphere and food
  • DEVELOP a ‘Places’ presence on Facebook to attract new customers
  • ENCOURAGE repeat business with a hybrid solution of real-world and digital marketing
  • ENHANCE your existing brand with affordable design solutions