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Did You See That?! SPORTS

Did You See That?! SPORTS

Sports Blog (Completed Q2 2012)

Project Included:
  • Branding & Identity
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Hosting

In November of 2011, the team behind what would become the sports blog “Did You See That?! SPORTS,” was eager to gain an online platform to show off their well-informed opinions to the sports world. New World Webtech accomplished the task by customizing an existing WordPress theme template to meet their requirements. Now, armed with a visually-striking site and a strong social media following, the scribes at didyouseethatsports.com publish sterling news and commentary that’s read by a loyal contingent of New York-area sports fans.

Some project highlights:

WordPress Theme Customization

We started by building upon the foundation of the Bodega WordPress theme, which the dystSPORTS team agreed was the perfect match for their vision of the site. The dystSPORTS team was floored by the style and make up of the site, which was up and running faster than they could have imagined. It didn’t take long for them to master the in-and-outs of the WordPress blogging platform, contributing their unique thoughts to the world of sports.

A behind-the-scenes view of the WordPress web platform for didyouseethatsports.com

A Successful Twitter Marketing Campaign

The dystSPORTS team was was not initially driven by a strong desire to attract lots of fans or have a huge readership. They were mostly looking to have a place to publish their collective thoughts online.

But once New World Webtech showed them the advantages of using Twitter to bring organic traffic to their articles, they were hooked. Now, they use the powerful ‘Trending Topics’ functionality that is the beating heart of Twitter to broadcast their posts to the public and draw in an engaged audience. As a result, their content gets shared to a large readership and traffic to the site is trending #upward, making the Did You See That?! SPORTS Twitter campaign one of our most successful social media marketing initiatives.