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Dougherty Mediation Group

Dougherty Mediation Group

Small Business – Mediation Services (Completed Q2 2012)

Project Included:
  • Branding and Identity Design
  • Print and Collateral Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing
  • Web Hosting

We were excited by the opportunity to act as digital marketing strategists for the newly-founded Garden City-based Dougherty Mediation Group. In late 2011, founder Maureen Dougherty, a well-regarded Nassau County attorney, shared with us her intention to establish a center for mediation.

As a practicing divorce and family lawyer offering mediation as an alternative to litigation, she saw first-hand the power of mediation as an effective means of settling her clients’ cases more quickly. Her strong desire to establish a practice that catered solely to those looking to take advantage of this form of alternative dispute resolution was our guiding principle for this project.

We crafted branding that best-exemplifies the ideals mediation represents, launched an attractive and informative website, and put into place a multi-faceted promotional plan that will grow the mediation group in years to come. We designed a website that features a unique visual style and intuitively presented content, viewable at DoughertyMediation.com, and serves as the cornerstone to our digital marketing initiative.

Some project highlights:

Finely-Crafted Original Copy

Working closely with the client to learn the inner-workings of the mediation process, New World Webtech was able to write compelling and informative original website copy. We even contributed several blog posts that informs the visitor about the advantages of mediation and help to position our client as an expert in her business.


About the Group (Page Copy)

No matter the nature of your dispute or how long it’s been going on, Dougherty Mediation Group can help provide satisfying resolutions. The professionals of the Dougherty Mediation Group practice mediation in the purest sense, and all have extensive experience and expertise in family, estate, and corporate law. This provides every session with an added perspective, while maintaining the integrity of the mediation process.

Source: About Dougherty Mediation Group

Divorce Litigation or Divorce Mediation: Which One is Right for Me? (Blog Post)

In my law practice at Comerford & Dougherty, LLP, I meet with many clients who are facing the prospect of a divorce. Some come to me already having heard something about “divorce mediation” as an alternative to a traditional litigation. The number one question they ask is, is divorce mediation a better choice than litigation for me? If this sounds like a scenario you yourself might be facing, consider the following. There are three main variables that factor in to the divorce process when comparing the options: party control, time, and money. In this post, we’ll be exploring each in greater detail.

Source: Dougherty Mediation Blog

Targeted Lead Capture

Beyond simply building a website, we were tasked with bringing in new business to the Mediation Group. Here is a ‘Divorce Mediation’ landing page we built and published that helped attract prospects. We drove traffic to this page through an integrated PPC campaign and captured leads using the included form.

NWWT- Lead Capture Landing Page

A landing page we set up to capture prospective leads

Responsible Email Lead-Nurturing

This project posed a unique challenge with respect to lead-nurturing. The mediator needs to remain unbiased toward the parties, meaning that our client is unable to communicate directly with prospects unless all parties are present.

To help with this, we created several standard emails that nurture leads appropriately- offering more information to the interested party about the mediation process and what’s necessary to begin, while simultaneously qualifying them as potential client. Here’s an example of one:

NWWT- Email Lead Nurturing

An email that's part of a lead nurturing campaign