PotsNPans Films

PotsNPans Films

Small Business – Film and Video Production (Completed Q2 2012)

Project Included:
  • Logo Design
  • Web Development

Our friends over at PotsNPans, an up-and-coming New York film production studio, asked us to turn their bare-bones website into a shining display of their amazing projects. The site we designed, www.potsnpansfilms.com, provides their visitors and clientele with a much needed burst of information and style.

Some project highlights…

Portfolio Assembly

After deciding to use a beautiful WordPress theme called Folioway, we customized the built-in portfolio of the theme to display all of the projects of PotsNPans Films. We experimented with the layout of the meta information for each project, ultimately deciding to embed each video alongside details like “date,” “services used,” and “descriptions.” Using Photoshop and other image production software we captured a quality image from each video to be used as the thumbnail image. Now, PotsNPans has a digital portfolio of which they can be proud.

Logo Design

PotsNPans Logo
Though it may not look very complex, the current logo for PotsNPans is the result of a meticulous revision process. After much deliberation and many samples, our client waived any accompanying graphics for their brand and decided stay minimal by opting to display their company’s name using the lean typeface, QuickSand. We also took the liberty to incorporate the font into the site itself as header text.