New World Webtech is proud to present its body of work

Reincarnation Art

Reincarnation Art

Art Collection (Completed Q2 2012)

Project Included:
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Sharing our client’s unique vision of automotive art was our driving creative force behind this project. New York-based artist and car enthusiast Louis Carvell approached us with his gallery of work, Reincarnation, and a set of web page design files. Using his designs, and an online platform called Squarespace, New World Webtech built Mr. Carvell an ivory website to show off his gallery of car-themed artwork. Bright and minimalist, the Reincarnation Art site helps Mr. Carvell connect with vintage car lovers the world over.

Some project highlights:

Top-of-the-Line Social Media Marketing

Realizing the importance of using social media to attract interest in his work, Mr. Carvell asked that we establish a presence for Reincarnation on the top social sites. That meant first creating a Facebook Page with the same level of artistic flair that’s seen in Mr. Carvell’s collection. There, we included and spotlighted the entire Reincarnation collection as an interactive gallery, and cross-posted entries from the Reincarnation onsite blog.

But we didn’t stop there. No social media campaign is complete without a Twitter handle to bring one’s message to the masses. And so, @ReincarnationLC was born. It’s hard to underestimate Twitter’s ability to generate interest in a new website. Combined with Facebook, there is no better way to gather and interact with an audience.

Effective Email Marketing

For sustaining interest in the project, we captured fans’ email addresses through the site and crafted beautiful HTML email newsletters that perfectly match the established branding of Reincarnation. Now, whenever Mr. Carvell wishes to address his base with an update about Reincarnation, he can simply swap in the new message and voil√†, a creative and interactive email message is born.